Early Intervention Teletherapy Resources

At Heart & Mind Speech Therapy, we seek to provide you with the needed resources to make teletherapy a positive experience for all involved (yourself included!). Along with drastically decreasing the amount of time you need to plan for sessions, our activities aim to help children in the early intervention population stay engaged in sessions, get parents excited for upcoming sessions by having a low prep plan, and make carryover of skills happen naturally by using common household items in structured play. Stay connected with us for more resources!

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“I’ve used many of your ideas, and families love and appreciate having something specific to work on! Thanks a million for sharing your ideas!!” -Deann Chafin, Early Intervention SLP

These activities have been a lifesaver for me during the quick transition to teletherapy due to COVID-19! It has been a timesaver for planning and structuring online sessions and has been a valuable resource for explaining home activities to caregivers. It has helped my families identify what areas they would like to focus on and gives multiple ideas/strategies of how to target these areas. We have been able to expand on these activities based on their child’s present levels. Thank you for such a great resource!
-Kelly Riley , EI SLP